I Hear Your Voice Episode 17 Baby Recap and Comments

This is what we're here for, and Show knows it!

This is what we’re here for, and Show knows it!







It makes me laugh how obviously the extension has affected the drama. It’s still enjoyable because the buildup before ep 14 was marvelous and so everyone’s hearts are involved, but there are soooo many flashbacks. Ep. 17 actually started by replaying the last 20 minutes of Ep. 16. And then, at the end of it, you can hear the writers’ brains churning as they think, “WHAT TO DO? Well, just manipulate their feelings MOAR! That’s all we have right now!! The CUTE and the ANGST. The plot was only meant to last 16 episodes, goddammit. FANSERVICE NOW! FANSERVICE AWAY!”

Result = Soo Ha thinks that Hye Sung is dead (she’s not). He’s very believably angsty and we feel sad. We pan down to Hye Sung listening to him angst, which makes her angst (still kind of sad). Then Hye Sung manages to run up to the roof and sees Soo Ha fall off the roof. She faints because she thinks he’s dead (he’s not). We pan down to the ground, where he fell onto an inflatable platform that the police managed to erect in the 2 seconds that he teetered on the roof’s edge. He looks up and sees Hye Sung being carted away in an ambulance and thinks she’s dead (again). By this time, my tears had stopped and I was laughing.

The episode ends with the two cuddling on a hospital bed, both of them with matching head wounds, because kdramas never think we’ll believe the characters are injured unless we can see it on their foreheads. To be subtle, they put the wounds on Hye Sung’s right temple and Soo Ha’s left.

Good work, Show.***

***I honestly say this with no venom, because Hye Sung and Soo Ha are such a cute OTP that I’m glad we got to spend an extra two hours watching them pluck our emotions.






For a more complete recap, check out dramabeans, which has faithfully put up a recap the night of each episode for many weeks!


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