I Live in Cheongdamdong Ep 105 Recap

I hate to shortchange the other lovable characters who inhabit this drama, but this post will focus on Jieun and Hyunwoo interactions. It’s safe to say that I’ll be “awwing” at everything so I’ll spare you the bother of reading it. Just imagine that I’ve said it at every possible interlude.

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 11.02.02 PM

Hyunwoo is still in the bunk, but Jieun knows that he’s uncomfortable. She’s trying to think of every possible way to cool the place down, and tells him that splashing water over the floor really did soak up the heat. When he heads back up, he notices with a smile that it IS a lot better.

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 11.02.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 11.08.18 PM

*These pictures are just here because I wonder what it’s like to live a life where you’re often too tall for the door.

Jieun calls Hyunwoo up on the walkie talkie and reminds him to bring in his shoes; it looks like it will rain today. Of course, he falls asleep and forgets. When he rushes to bring them in, he sees that Jieun already covered his shoes for him with a sheet of plastic.

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 11.04.36 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 11.03.53 PM(Might I add that it was a nice touch of the directors to use sneakers that are visibly worn? You think those are sneakers that belong to the cameraman or did someone get the job of grinding the soles off of a new pair? Hey, you never know in k-ent.)

He thanks her later on, and she giggles over it at work. Straight up giggles. I don’t even have the heart to blame her, since he did say it with such sincerity.

Aww… and then the show flips it around on its head. Sangyeob drops by and invites her to eat at her favorite chef’s restaurant. He tells her that, for some unknown reason, the celebrity chef decided to visit his branch in Seoul. She’s excited, but when he comes to pick her up at night, she remembers that Hyunwoo had an appointment, and worries that he might oversleep (at night?). She forgot to bring the walkie talkie and tries to hint to Sangyeob that they should stop by the manhwa house to grab umbrellas, since it looks like it will rain.

Sangyeob replies that the restaurant is indoors, so there’s no need to worry, but he’s quick on the uptake when she continues to hesitate. He graciously tells her without a hitch that they can go to the restaurant another time if she’s got some urgent business to take care of. She thanks him profusely and leaves.

Sangyeob goes back to Jungmin’s restaurant and sighs.

“Did you get some bad news?” Jungmin asks.

“Yes,” he says. “The words ‘thank you.'”

“Aish, what is with ‘thank you’?” Jungmin asks, because when she had asked Jieun why she was so happy in the morning, Jieun had also said it was because of those words. “Is this some kind of new abbreviation kids are using today?”

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 11.32.00 PM

Oh…. Sangyeob then admits that the only reason why the celebrity chef had come to Seoul was as a favor to Sangyeob. This breaks my heart because, all over the world, there are mothers, fathers, friends, and loved ones making sacrifices and bending over backwards to make someone else happy, and, just like Sangyeob, their efforts often go unnoticed.

In two rather touching side stories, Manager Kwanwoo was snubbed by Bohee. He had forgotten his ID and couldn’t get into the building but saw her being interviewed in the lobby. Carrying a stick of fast-food and shouting things like, “Hey, tell him I’m with you! There are a lot of good things to eat in here today! Let me in!” didn’t make him the most dignified character, so Bohee told the press that Kwanwoo must be yelling to someone else in the lobby. Then she asked to take the interview elsewhere, where it was quieter.

Later on, in private, Kwanwoo said that he understood that she was embarrassed by him, and to make it easier for her, they should pretend not to know each other. This went on for a few days, with Bohee attempting to apologize and Kwanwoo asking blithely, “Do I know you? I think you’re mistaken.”

One evening, Bohee comes upon Kwanwoo at a noodle stand, where’s he’s eaten several bowls but now can’t find his wallet to pay the lady. Kwanwoo strictly forbids Bohee from paying for him since, “I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU,” and then, in a true realization of “cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face,” chooses to go to the police station instead of accept Bohee’s money. Lol, in a parting shot, he sends Bohee this face.

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 11.52.57 PM

Once again, I often realize that a person’s portrayal can rest on the people around him/her. You could cringe for Jieun, who’s beginning to drop a lot of other things in her life in order to make Hyunwoo’s life more comfortable, but because Hyunwoo consistently notices and appreciates her efforts, their relationship remains sweet, instead of pathetic.

Haha. Never mind. I spoke too soon.

We see who actually covered Hyunwoo’s shoes, spilled water on the floor, and knocked on his door to wake him up just seconds before Jieun got back: their dog!

Jieun figures this out, too, and tells the dog seriously, “Ah… so you like oppa, too. But, let me tell you, he’s mine. This crush of yours has to stop here. Or else, I won’t feed you.”

Oh, Jieun. And here I thought, when you acted confused when Hyunwoo thanked you, that  it was simply because doing nice things for him was so second nature that you couldn’t figure out why he was thanking you.


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