I Live in Cheongdamdong Ep 55 Baby Recap

Not much on the Jieun-Hyunwoo front in this episode, but Moosung had a very cute scene. He’s been upset the entire episode that his daughter’s growing up and actually dating someone in the States. He gets the boyfriend’s number and then calls him up.

“MICHAEL,” He barks into the phone before calling him a few choice words in Korean. “WHO ARE YOU?”

Michael responds, “I’m Michael, who are you?”

“I’m Minna’s father!” He shouts, still gruff.

Michael sounds really happy. “Wow, really? How are you?”

Moosung is thrown and then he says, in an accent that sounds adorably French, “I’m fine. Thank you. And you?”

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 11.57.39 PM

At the very end of the episode, Sangyeob bumps into Hyunwoo (and, really, if every city were like this, I would be bumping into my kindergarten teacher every day). They pass by each other and Sangyeob turns around, his face still. He narrates, “Coming from Hyunwoo, was her smell.”

Awww. In an earlier scene, Jungmin slept over at Jieun’s house and was surprised to find that Hyunwoo and Jieun not only shared bathrooms, but also shampoo.


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