Day One

Startline Line

Whenever I googled for weight loss stories, it was somewhat informative, albeit a little boring, to read about what they had eaten and how they had exercised that day. What I wanted to read more about was how they had tried and persevered for a bit, only to fall off the tracks repeatedly. I wanted to read about their longing for cupcakes and croissants and all of the other starchy things that provide a mouthfeel that vegetables just cannot imitate. Everyone knows what they SHOULD do and what they SHOULD be eating; we’d like to hear the thought processes and struggles of the people who actually do all that they should. So, here is the start of my first day.

I started the day with some exercises that my friend, a former ballerina, prescribed for me. Surprisingly, jumping jacks really did send my heart speeding up. Who does 80 jumping jacks, though? One of my roommates said that exercise is when she gets her thinking done, but most of my thoughts run along the simple strains of, “Bored…bored…30,31,32…wow, I should clean this room, there’s not that much space to move around…40,41… come on, when am I going to hit 60? Hey, this sports bra is pretty supportive…65…”

Anyways. I did it. It was a small push to keep going until the end, but it was mainly a mental push, not a physical one.  If you really want to try something physically difficult, try to hold a horse stance for a minute!

For breakfast, I had a cup of water, chickpeas, red kidney beans, corn, and baked beans. I’ve been really interested in fulfilling my fiber quotient recently, and beans seem to be the magic bullet of fiber for that. Luckily, I also enjoy the squashiness of them. My last roomie was always repulsed to find me picking through a can of kidney beans like they were chips.

As much as I enjoy beans, though, I started thinking about sweets after I had finished my plate. Luckily (yes, I am a pretty lucky girl, I guess), I did not have any sweets that I liked in the dorm, so that is the end of that. Then I cleaned my room because having a clean room makes me feel clean inside, too.

I held out for a few hours, had a serving of mixed nuts and then my friends suggested Chipotle and I bombed the rest of the day with a giant burrito that was probably 1500 calories. Already feeling like I was deep in the hole, I threw caution to the wind and had a big cup of Haagen Dazs’ rum raisin as well. Delicious. But, it also made me feel pretty uncomfortable, like I had to sit precariously, as though my stomach were this barrel filled to the top, encroaching on the territory of my lungs.

So, I’m sad to report that this day wasn’t a complete success in terms of health, but I did start it off the right way, and I hope to be able to work on extending the good behavior through the night. Also, I enjoyed my ice-cream immensely and had fun having lunch with friends, so, you win some and you lose some. Tomorrow is Monday, the start of a new week, and a flip of the pages in my agenda. 🙂

Some thoughts that I had today:

Everyone would like good things to happen to them. Some are by chance, like finding money in the street or discovering that you left your room key in your room but LUCKILY, you also left the door propped open, so, no harm, no foul. Others are by intention, when people see that you are a good person and want to spend time or effort on you. However, I don’t think that we should ask anyone else to see that we are valuable if we don’t first value ourselves, which is why we should also spend time, money, and effort on improving ourselves and it’s too bad that society sometimes labels such statements as selfish. It’s only after we have our own lives under some semblance of control that we can capably and efficiently help other people. I’m not saying that you should take it as an excuse not to help anyone until your own life is perfect, but imagine this scenario:

Your friend asks you if you have a stapler she can borrow. You do and tell her you’ll bring her one after going back to your room. You get to your room and it’s a wreck. You have no idea where you put your stapler and have to clean/upend the entire room before you find it. After an hour of cleaning, you find the stapler and put it in your bag. The next day, you forget to find your friend and give it to her. Because you’re disorganized and forgetful, you wasted time and failed to fulfill a promise that should have been very easily accomplished. If you get your own life under control, find some mechanism that helps you remind you of your promises, and you keep things tidy, then you would be able to help everyone, including yourself, much more effectively.

Anyways, enough rambling. On to the next day! 


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