Day Three


Lol. I found this picture on Google titled as “Hungry and Angry.” I’m neither hungry nor angry, so it’s not very accurate, but I am feeling thicker around the middle and determined for today to go better. If you’ve read my two previous posts, you’ll know that I succumbed to one very heavy meal each day that pretty much negated the two healthier meals I had. For some numerical cleanliness, I have exactly 8 weeks to go before January 20th and three is my lucky number. 🙂 Plan for Today (we’ll see how reality works out!)

  • Breakfast (5:00)= red and green bell peppers sauteed with beef (350)
  • Snack (8:30)= ginormous banana, peanut butter (380)
  • Lunch (12:45) = 2 pcs white bread (250), butter (70), nutella (100), one meatball (50), tilapia (200), pumpkin froyo (80), thin crust pizza (250)
  • Snack (6:00)= barbecue chips (200), chocolate chips (200)
  • Estimated Calorie Total = 2130
  • Water intake = 16 ounces

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