Day Two

Wow. That exercise yesterday only took me 20-25 minutes to complete, but this morning, my deltoids and bum were really sore. Below is the regimen my friend gave me (with just a few exercises that I like added in). Continue reading


Being Healthy


Hello all!

This post is like many others swimming around on the internet, but everyone likes to read about other people’s struggles, so I’m happy to add more to the mix.

From freshman year to junior year in high school, I effortlessly hovered around 105 pounds. Bagels in the morning with cream cheese? Mine. Someone brought an extra cupcake? All the better. Clubs are selling greasy empanadas on the cheap? My wallet is open. I didn’t think at all about watching what I ate, but I was aware of being disproportionally thin in relation to how much I actually consumed.

In senior year, my weight started sliding up the scale. Month by month, my body expanded, until I topped off at around 128 at graduation. I know 128 doesn’t sound like much, but I barely hit 5’2”, and the extra weight was uncomfortable. The specific numbers are not important, just that I feel/felt, as many others do, dissatisfied and unhappy with my body.

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